13 June, 2007

Book Time

Well, it's a shame, but we got some new books the other day. I ordered them about a week before, from a catalogue, through the post, and when i came home from school, there they were, on the dining table. All nicely wrapped in plastic, begging to be opened and examined.

As i say, though, it was a shame. The problem arises, because there are so many other things i would like to be doing, from working on the research for my dissertation, to writing one of these blog entries or a book review (i try [and fail] to write 500 words a day, altogether), to doing some dishes or picking up around the house a bit. But all these other tasks will have to go by the wayside, now, as i explore these new books!

I mean, who could stand to wash dishes when there are gems like Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, or High Windows waiting for them? Or, could you sit down to write, rather than read The Collector, As I Lay Dying, or I Capture the Castle? Of course not. No more can i. Nor would i find it possible to put aside a lovely series of poetry for young people, A Shame to Miss, nor the Horrible Histories which we ordered ostensibly for the children's benefit.

So all i wanted to do, as i walked in and saw them, was grab them, rip the plastic off, crack the backs, and start devouring (amazing how much violence was in that sentence!). And, having the will-power of lemming near a cliff, i did exactly what i wanted, and enjoyed it greatly. They are wonderful books.

The only positive to the situation ~ well, not the only positive, but a great one ~ is that two of the children have also started reading the new books. And i am delighted to have them reading classics. I have to confess, though, they haven't started on the poetry yet. And may not, since one of the poetry books is a collection of Seamus Heaney, some of whose work is an A Level text, and not, therefore, to be enjoyed (one is just finishing A Levels, the other will start in September).

So, if you'll excuse me for a while, i'm off to hole up with a pile of books...

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