18 August, 2007

A Little Bit of Nonsense

Testicular Elephantitis

Testicular elephantitis
      has a remarkable ring;
Its rhythm is lovely and light yet
      it's a terribly heavy thing.


Jolene said...

Im starting college in Septmber!!!! Im sooo excited! Wish me Luck!!! Im going for my bachlors in Psychology and Human Development. YAY!!!! Im sooo happy! I will be working at walmart fulltime overnights sill but doing 3 classes a semester. Im very excited but still freaked out...hoping the work wont be that hard.LOL. I get to pick any launguage I want and I was thinking of taking sign one and sign 2. But for some reason I would like to take spanish too. Im kinda confused on that. If everything goes thru ok...I can start Sept 12th. I also need your adress again so I can send the stuff out. I have it all and its ready to go....FINALLY. Im sorry, I really am :( I cant find your adress in my emails....could u send it again. TTYS

Anonymous said...

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