02 September, 2011

At 50+, i find a new author...

The Left Hand of Darkness

Ursula le Guin

For no reason that i can fathom, i have never previously read one of le Guin’s novels. I remember her name, probably from back in the day, when i was reading Asimov and Heinlein daily, rather than going to classes, and in the process failing Grade Ten at UHill. Despite my being aware of her, however, i didn’t read any, and i don’t know why. It certainly wasn’t for gender reasons, though generally men are better at the science fiction i have enjoyed, because Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series was one of my greatest loves. Not being able to pin down my motives then, some thirtyfive years later, i’ll put it down to the fact that she had an odd name that didn’t appeal to me ~ i mean, what else can i do?

So, having established my complete lack of experience with le Guin, what do i make of this, the first of her novels i’ve read? I picked it up in the library, i think, because i recognised it as one of the 501 Must-Read Books, and was ready to read another of them. And i am glad i have now done so. Pity i waited this long? Well, no, because now i have the option of finding and reading more of her work and developing an attraction towards a new author (new to me only, of course! She started writing back in the Sixties) is a great pleasure. It may not be immediate, but i reckon i will read more, perhaps from the same series, perhaps not; i don’t know enough about her work to know the ratio between the two categories, so i’ll just take them as they come, i suppose.


JOLENE said...

OMG! Miss u old man! :) Was thinking about u the other day...wondering what u have been up to. I see u are still writing :) Whats new with you? I dont work at walmart anymore...they fired me...fired me becuase my DR put me on medical leave...prolly could have gotten my job back but didnt bother. Don still works there...wish he could find a better place to work :(
UM...the store is TOTALLY falling apart...Karolyn was store manager for a bit...she is now resigning...becuase she pretty much ruined the store...UM probably everyone u ever worked with is gone :)
Linda Becher passed away from Cancer :( Louie (forget his last name) ...he worked in automotive is presently dieing from cancer :(
AND DON AND I NOW HAVE 5 kids and are trying for a 6th! SO ...I think I pretty much updated u! How about u? How have u been?

Elsie Wilson said...

You still blogging, Jo? Or facebook?