11 April, 2012

Classically Thin

The Thin Man
Dashiell Hammett
A classic that i have read of frequently, but never actually read; in fact, i don’t remember ever having seen a copy before, though perhaps i have. At any rate, when i saw it i knew i was going to read it, and probably enjoy it. Fortunately, i did. All i really knew about the book was that there is a twist, that it somehow involved the title character, but very little more than that. I was delighted, as i read, to try and work out what was going to happen; eventually i was able to predict the main kink, the surprise in the plot, but i didn’t follow that thought on and work out who it pointed the finger at as a murderer. I don’t think i’d make a very good detective ~ maybe that’s why i enjoy reading about them, to wonder and marvel at their abilities. I rather want to read more Hammett, now, and see if i enjoy them, also. I have a feeling i read The Maltese Falcon years ago, but nothing more than that feeling, no memory of enjoyment or otherwise. I expect i shall, if i come across them in the library or on a market stall.

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