25 April, 2012

Today's Title

Yeeps!  I try to post here, a review or a snippet of "thoughtful" writing, twice a week ~ lately i've been aiming specifically for Tuesdays and Fridays, because if i have a target i can hold myself to it a bit better ~ but i am embarrassed to realise that it is currently over a week since i posted.  Hmm, what reason can i offer as a...?  Work? no; busy social life? ha ha ha; too much time spent reading? nope.  Ooh, i know, i know!  Laziness!  The ideal solution:  Completely believable to anyone who knows me, a part of the common experience and so excusable, and has the added benefit of being the truth!  So, on with the review...

Andrey Kurkov
Rather a strange book (which is fitting, considering the rather strange circumstances in which i acquired it ~ a birthday gift from Lynne, fully six months after she had made it clear she wanted nothing more to do with us); i think this is part of what is called the post-modernist style, though i am uncertain exactly what that means (i can throw around terms that make me sound educated with the best of them). In this case, i am understanding it to mean a book with plot, thought he plot is reduced in importance, and characters perhaps truer to life than are sometimes found; to tell the truth, the events are rather strange, but seem to develop from the odd situation we are presented with at the beginning of the book: An unsuccessful writer lives with a penguin in Kiev (i think), trying to cope with the random oddities of life in the post-Soviet era. Odd, very odd, as a whole (and in the individual parts, too); but, taken as a whole, i generally enjoyed it. I’m not certain i’d read another ~ at least, i wouldn’t go out and seek another by Kurkov ~ but if it fell into my lap as this one did, i’d probably give it the time necessary; a qualified, then, success, by my criterion.


Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

Death and the Penguin? Excellent title no matter what is inside. Too bad that title is taken, I'd rename my latest WIP.

Elsie Wilson said...

Yeah, i have to admit, the title was part of the reason i read it (the other part, of course, being that it's a book). If you can find a picture of the cover, it's lovely because the penguin is merged with a gun ~ a very clever illustration.